John & Ashleigh: John is a Chemistry Lecturer, and currently a Doctorate candidate at Manchester University. John is a core scientist, a football fan, a keen political analyst and an ardent disciple of Jesus Christ. John is the Chairman of JEA foundation and together with Ashleigh are the strategic planners of the foundation. 



Emmanuel & Mirjam: Emmanuel among other things is a Physicist, a UEFA licensed football Coach, and a passionate communicator. Mirjam, is a Social Pedagogics, and a Blogger. They are the visioneers of ATTAP – All thing to All People initiative. Emmanuel serves as the Executive Secretary of JEA Foundation. And together with Mirjam (also member of the Board of Directors), coordinate international mobilization and outreaches



Rhoda Johnson: is a Confidential Secretary, farmer, and business woman. Mrs. Johnson as she is well known is a dedicated and hard-working mother of 7. Her never-give-up lifestyle is an inspiration for everyone especially single parents who face the daily challenge of raising children without the physical presence of their spouse. She is a member of the Board of Directors of JEA Foundation.


• Giving people a platform to develop their talents 

• Developing potentials into realities

• Stimulating a self-sustaining community


• Agriculture: large scale farming and training of farmers

• Sports development: discovering and training of talents to hopefully Elite status

• Music/Art training: establishing a music and art training center

• Skill acquisition: organizing strategic workshops and seminars to inform and recruit participants

• Mentoring/Coaching


• Registrations of the foundation in Germany

• Soccer Clinics/Outreaches

• Renovation of burial site of Mr. Johnson Agbike by Oct 2020

• Establishing a Training center in Oju Local government by 2028



You can donate sport equipment to help our efforts. We have a simple procedure to collect and deliver sport equipment!

We are open to receive supports toward building sport center.